Monday, November 30, 2015

Gracelyn: 11 Month Update

I had a small "moment" the other day when I realized that Gracelyn will be a year old next month. She's still my tiny tot! How can she be a year old already!?

Sleeping: Towards the end of October I decided that I was tired of doing a 10:30 PM feeding so I stopped. I knew you weren't nursing much at that time, that it was just more of a habit then anything so I decided to end it. For a couple of days you would wake up at some un-Godly hour, but that has evened out and "typically" you will sleep until 7 AM without problem. Thank you. That's all I can say. We're continuing with two naps - morning nap around 9:30 and an afternoon nap around 1:30/2:00. The afternoon nap is what I like to refer to as #naptimehustle. You've never seen me in such a flurry of activity. Because I know once you wake up, everyone is *mildly* spastic until suppertime and dad gets home.

Eating: We are progressing to bits and pieces of everything. It appears that you love saltier foods, which I find odd. Just today you had part of a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. You ate it like a champ! But when you are done, you are DONE. You drop pieces off the side of your chair like they don't exist and like no one will notice if they're out of sight. But you are doing a better job of feeding yourself and that's great. We'll do a breakfast of something easy (graham crackers, etc) and a lunch of whatever leftover we're dining on. You seem to LOVE scrambled eggs and weird stuff like meatballs. It's very odd. But you'll eat anything off a spoon that's been pureed. You get prunes every other day and that's seemed to ease our poop disfunction.

Wearing: 9 month clothing. I pulled out all this winter 12 month clothing the other day and I have no idea if you'll actually wear it. At 10 months old you wore the same Halloween costume that Lucan wore at 4 months. That's a comparison! Socks continue to be your nemesis. And my nemesis for that matter too. You always are pulling off your socks and crawling around the house with one sock on. As a result, I have sixteen single socks. No pairs. You are starting to pull on your headbands a bit more too. But because you don't have enough hair for people to automatically assume "female" and because I don't dress you solely in pink, headbands are good when we're out in public.

Playtime: Playing with electrical outlets. You are obsessed. This month you also developed your need for a lovey, which is the brown tag blanket I made for Lucan. You have your favorite ribbons and your fingers will follow all around the edge of the blanket until you find the one you love best. You also enjoy taking things out of containers (ie: Lucan's Halloween pumpkin with the candy or his tool box). I enjoy putting all the toys back in their respective containers. NOT.

Social: Your voice is growing louder and more active. When you want something and are not getting it or if you think you are being ignored, you lift your voice to be heard. You are interested in the world around you and will investigate your limits if we aren't paying attention.

Teeth: your first tooth on the top is coming in! You have 2.5 teeth and are drooling like crazy. You have another half tooth starting on the top.

Physical: crawling really well with a little butt wiggle. You also pull yourself up to your knees to see what's going on around you. You did start to feed yourself, but with that also comes with increased food pickiness which is not cool. You enjoy dumping over the cat's water dish, much the same as Lucan. It's the cleanest spot in our whole house.

Nicknames: Gracie Boo. In honor of Halloween :)

Grr.... I'm going to get you!

Sometimes being the little sister is hard. 

My baby pumpkin and Spidey!

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Rose said...

Oh my gosh! Her little face in that pumpkin costume! Hear melting!