Friday, September 5, 2014

Stupid Mistakes by a Rookie Dad and Mom

We also shouldn't be letting Lucan eat crunchy things in our bed.

Below are 7 mistakes that we won't be repeating with Baby Girl.

  1. Lance started letting Lucan out of the shopping cart mid-trip. I had a perfectly trained toddler who would contentedly stay in the cart until Lance started giving him the option of getting out and running. I took Lucan to Target one day and he started whining to get out. I retold the tale to Lance once we got home and he replied with “oh, yeah I let him out or give him the option to get out if he wants. #stupiddad
  2. Lance gives Lucan the option to walk or be carried anywhere we go. I firmly told Lance to knock this off because 1) we’re having a second kiddo and I can’t carry a car seat and a toddler 2) I don’t want to carry a 35 pound child and be 9 months pregnant.
  3. Lance lets Lucan be the one to hit the button on the garage door remote. Cue epic meltdown if you happen to forget and hit the button yourself.
  4. Chocolate milk. On the rare occasion I wanted chocolate milk, I could drink it without it being an undercover, covert operation. Now if Lucan even glimpses the bottle of chocolate syrup, all bets are off. We’re ALL having chocolate milk.
  5. Car treats. Originally I started putting a treat in the cup holder in the front seat of the car because would want to climb around and explore. But if he found a “treat” he would get distracted by it and willingly get in his car seat without incident. This got me stuck in a never ending loop of scrambling last minute to find Lu a special treat and Lucan feeling entitled to candy, etc. I also hide snacks in the car which has Lucan on a never ending scavenger hunt. And I'm not talking about the dropped pieces of Annie's Bunny Grahams.
  6. Letting Lucan have way too many snacks after I pick him up from daycare. Like somewhere in the neighborhood of three (popsicle, cheese stick and wild card). And yes, he has a snack at daycare too and his “car treat” to boot. That one is purely my fault.
  7. Not trusting your instincts. If you feel like something is wrong, than you’re probably right. Case in point: bad daycare, being told by our first pediatrician that we were overfeeding Lucan (lies, you can't overfeed an infant), knowing that pull-ups weren't going to help potty training.


Rose said...

Scott's rookie mistake is stopping sometimes for a donut at Casey's while taking Michael to daycare. Now every time we drive by Casey's he screams that he wants a donut....argh!!!

Stacy said...

Kara, when the second one Comes and is screaming at you, you learn not to care as much about the crumbs or the amount of snacks the first one has. As long as both kIds are not crying, life is golden. It's all about survival mode during the adjustment period! You and Lance are great parents!