Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nesting that includes sewing

Each pregnancy is different for each woman. Apparently my nesting instincts also include a desire to sew. And I've been sewing up a storm - Kara version of sewing up a storm. Mostly this includes straight line sewing with no patterns to speak of (because I can't follow or translate a pattern to save my life). I've lopped off the sleeves to 2 night shirts and 2 dresses (full length sleeves transformed into 3/4 length sleeves) and taken up the hem of one dress along with taking the dress in about 4 inches (which perfectly illustrates the point that I really had no idea of how to purchase maternity clothes that fit correctly).

  • Now I'm moving onto baby items. I've already made one taggie blanket based on this tutorial and some sage advice from my mom. My original intention was to make just one blanket, but along with my inability to follow a pattern, it has also come to light that I have no idea how fabric is actually in a yard. So ... now I've been given the opportunity to make multiple blankets!

  • I've also purchased some cloth diapers and some fabric and some quilt binding to make some cutie burp cloths. I'm not really working from a pattern. We'll see how that one goes :)

  • I also think these onesies are adorable. I'm registered for some plain ones, so if I'm gifted those, it will be the perfect opportunity to add these animals as a decoration.

  • This isn't a baby item, but I'm recovering a pillow that is on our couch in a material that is more contemporary. Again, given my lack of understanding of how much material a yard encompasses, I might have enough leftover fabric to sew a new valance for the kitchen window too!

  • I would like to sew my own Boppy pillow cover. However, it requires me to follow this pattern. We will see if I'm able to make head's or tails of it. Maybe I'll enlist Lance's help. Pattern reading is much more his style and less of mine.

  • I'm not particularly enthralled by the crib skirt that came with the rest of the bedding. I'm thinking about sewing one that better suits my fancy, but again, I'm plagued with the planning stage of it. My friend Nicole, author of this fantastic blog, wrote a very detailed, instructional post about how to sew a table skirt. It was so detailed that it made my head whirl a little bit. Maybe I can con her into helping me with the planning portion of the bed skirt. I'm confident enough that I could do the physical sewing part, it's the planning portion and measuring portion that might kill me :)

  • And while we're on the topic of skirted tables, I do happen to own a round table that could use a different skirt on it for the nursery. But I think it's lower on the list of sewing priorities.

People have told me that the nursery doesn't have to be done when the baby arrives. I'm choosing to ignore these people. It's just not me to put something like this on the back burner.

I think this alphabet art project would be perfect for the nursery. Add something else to my list. At least there is minimal sewing involved!

This is also another project that I'm interested in doing for the nursery (I know, I think I have some disease that is making me slightly project crazy. Although well-intentioned people might tell me that disease is called pregnancy). I actually would put this project off until the baby arrives, so I could design this with the baby's birth details.

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Nicole @ one half world said...

I love all your nursery projects! What better place to put a little extra time and handcrafted love than in the room where you and your baby will spend a ton of time in the next few months?! And I will be happy to help if I can with the crib skirt. :)