Wednesday, October 13, 2010

House Remodel

Lance and I are starting our house remodeling adventures. Lance is less than excited and when asked, is still unsure of what I have proposed. At this moment, here is what I am thinking:
  • New hardwood floors throughout the main level, minus the bedrooms and bathroom
  • New carpeting in all the bedrooms and it the downstairs den and office
  • New EZ granite mini slabs for the kitchen counters
  • Paint throughout
  • New light fixture over the kitchen sink and in the bathroom
  • New bathroom counter top
  • Reframe bathroom mirror

So far Lance has agreed to the first two items - unwillingly. Last weekend we purchased the engineered hardwood flooring from Home Depot. It should be in next week. Lance still isn't 100% on board, but I am completely convinced that this will up the resale value of our home and make it look fab. I had my heart set on hand scraped oak flooring, but even on sale at $3.99 a square foot, it was still a little over budget. I'm sure that the flooring we went with will be just as lovely. Carpeting will be hired out and will probably happen around the first of 2011 (bearing no unforeseen changes). I'm excited about that too. I think that I can probably sneak in a new light fixture before the end of 2010 in the kitchen.

I think my challenging project will be to convince my slow-to-accept- change husband will be the new kitchen counter tops. I think the key will be to go to the local showroom and get a price estimate. I think he needs a little adjustment period :)

Lance apparently thinks that I only get one "do-over" for repainting. ONE! I think he's in for a little adjustment with that too :) Especially since I am really digging grey. Grey everywhere. With a splash of lime. Like with this.

Lance thinks I'm crazy because I want to change things. My mom does this every year or so, so I think it's completely normal. He just needs to adjust!


Rose said...

Exciting! Can't wait to hear more updates!

I love grey too, but it doesn't go with my house at all! :o(

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if it is Lance adjustment time that is needed or budget must catch up with wishes time...