Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Power to the People - HyVee Grocery Shopping

Lance says that I'm embarrassing. I maintain that I am not embarrassing, I am just right. Obviously it's not my fault that you are wrong and I have to tell you about it!
Case in point.
At the Hy-Vee on the corner of Jordan Creek and University, (I'm not sure if this is the policy at all stores, but I had an economics professor say the same thing to me in Sioux City) if the item you are purchasing rings up incorrectly, you should receive the item free of charge.

I purchased Stacy's Cinnamon and Sugar Pita Chips a couple of different times for my fruit salsa. There is a ticket on the display that says "Price Decline - was $2.99, now $2.50!" At the time I did a price comparison between the Hy-Vee brand and the Stacy's name brand. The Stacy's version had 2oz more so it was actually a better price to go with name brand. This was the first time. I purchased it with all the fruit for my fruit salsa, so I didn't notice they rang up wrong.

The second time I purchased pita chips they were the only thing I bought and I noticed when they rang up incorrectly. So while the clerk was waiting for the other clerk to do a price check, she told me that if the price rings up wrong, I get the item for free! And I was right, so I got my pita chips for zero.

Fast forward. Once again I'm in line to buy pita chips and a few other items. They ring up again wrong. I pointed it out to the clerk, he proceeds to deduct 50 cents from my bill. I then proceeded to him that no, I don't want them for $2.50, I want them for free. Because I know if they ring up at the wrong price, I get the item for free. Well I know I'm right, but apparently Lance found this to be embarrassing. And the clerk was obviously ticked off at me because he marched back to the isle where they were located, checked the price, and saw that I was right and gave them to me for free - all without saying another word to me. I think I angered the poor clerk, but I was right!

So lesson to everyone, pay attention to the prices that ring up at the register. You are entitled to the item for free if it rings up wrong - and don't be afraid to say something, even if your husband finds you to be embarrassing!

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*carrie* said...


I almost always watch the register or at least check my receipt in the parking lot. On my last trip to Walmart, I discovered two errors! (One item rang up twice)

Also, I recently made a rare stop at Dollar General, and they have a bizarre policy where if an item rings up for a penny, they are unable to sell it to you. I was trying to purchase 2 boxes of stuffing mix (marked at $1 each). When they rang up for a penny, the clerk said I couldn't have them. I was annoyed, especially since I don't feel I received a proper explanation. I sent the company a complaint!