Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Believe

I love the power of music. The song, "I Believe" by Blessed Union of Souls has always been special to me.
There are many things I believe in. I believe in God first, husband second, family third, and everything else falls in where there is room.
I believe in the power of a 20 minute power nap.
I believe that the work ethic and attitudes of a Midwesterner are second to none.
I believe that food is an art form. I might not be able to express myself by painting a picture, but I think there is beauty in a well put together salad.
I believe that God has given everyone gifts, sometimes it's just hard to know how to utilize them.
I believe that it never hurts to ask. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!
I believe that you are never too fat for a new purse. Or a new pair of shoes for that matter.
I believe that I am a sinner saved by the grace of God. It is only through Him that I have life.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

True Confessions

It's true confession time with K-Squared (my RMI nickname)
  • It's 10:03 pm and I think I'm hungry for a chocolate chip cookie. Ya know, the fresh, homemade kind, warm from the oven. Yep, I'm baking cookies when I should be getting for bed ...
  • My driver's license is 71 days past the expiration date. I would have had no clue if the Hy-Vee guy hadn't said something when I was buying my single dark beer and Marsala wine for my Marsala Chicken. I'm going to go and try and renew it tomorrow morning. If they make me take the drivers test I'm up a creek with no paddle. I have absolutely no concept of how fast you are supposed to drive in a school zone versus a business area. My concept of speed limits consist of 45 mph everywhere except the interstate. Then the base speed limit is 70 mph.
  • The last time my parents visited my mom thought that "RuPaul's Drag Race" was about cars.
  • The Wii Fit ticks me off in no way an electronic device should be able to do. On occasion, my Wii Mii makes a rotund, slightly chubby Kara version. Yes, I know that chocolate chip cookies are not the best idea at 10:03 pm.
  • During my health screen at work, one of the previous nurses remembered me as the girl who passed out during the blood draw.
  • I own three ipods. The last one was completely unintentional.

This ends today's version of True Confessions. I have I haven't overshared :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday!

Here's what we're eating this week (because I'm sure everyone is dying to know):
Monday: Taco Salads
Tuesday: Chicken Cacciatore
Wednesday: Cowboy Beef & Black Bean Chili (new recipe!)
Thursday: Leftover Meat Pasties
Friday: Steak Fajitas
Saturday Lunch: Field trip lunch- turkey sandwiches and chips
Saturday Supper:Chicken Marsala (also a new recipe!)
Sunday Lunch: Veggie Lasagna
Sunday Supper: Homemade Pizza

Let the fun new recipes I've been stockpiling for months begin!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Yesterday in the mail I received my signed thesis signature page - I am officially done with one of the hardest academic endeavors I have undertaken! It is such a relief to know that I am done with my thesis. I can't say that I'm done with school yet, I have a one month class that I will go out to Spokane for in June and then by my 5th wedding anniversary I should say that I am done FOREVER with being a student. I've had a couple of people ask me if I have any intentions of doing a doctoral program - no. Absolutely not. I would have to get a doctorate in something communications related and really, I feel the only thing that an individual with a doctorate in communications can do is teach or research and write papers. Neither endeavor excites me. I'd rather cook, read fiction, or shop. None of those require a doctorate.

So ... you shall be seeing more of me back at! Less eating out, more home cooking! And photography - my new camera appears to be smarter than I am :(

Friday, May 7, 2010

Momma's Day

Last year, and years past, I have tried (unsuccessfully) to convince Lance to buy a mother's day gift for me. But due to the fact that we are childless, Lance does not deem it appropriate for me to be gifted :( Boo Lance. This mother's day I have sneakily found a way for me to be appropriately gifted. My parents are coming into town on Friday night and will be staying the night with us and then traveling home Saturday evening. I have lots of fun things planned for my momma and I.
  • First on Saturday we'll be going to the Downtown Farmer's Market. My favorite things to eat are almond cupcakes, eggrolls and vegetarian samosas (it's weird, I know. Leave me alone). Other people might enjoy "regular" items like breakfast pizza and breakfast burritos, but what fun is there in eating breakfast at breakfast time?
  • Second if we're not full, I'm planning for lunch at Palmer's Deli on Ingersoll Ave. Hands down, they have the best chicken salad in DM and they also have fantastic chili.
  • Third, and the highlight of my mother's day plans, facials and manicures at the Aveda Institute. I can already feel the relaxation coming over me
  • Fourth, a visit to DSW. My mom loves DSW. Who am I to argue with her?
  • Then we'll travel home for some gardening advice. For example, "Mom, half of this bush is dead. Should we pull it out?" Or something like "Mom, this rose bush is dead and we dug it out 2 summers ago and it's still here. How do I kill it?" And lastly "Mom, how do I keep the raccoons from pooping by the downstairs window? It's weirding me out."
  • After gardening advice has commenced, we'll eat out for dinner. I'm not sure where yet. I suppose the nice thing would be for me to let my momma pick. Eh, it's not like she's gotten a say in any of the rest of the agenda :)

And knowing my mom and myself, a Starbucks stop will be intermixed at some point. Now tell me, doesn't that sound like a fantastic Momma's Day?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This time last year

This time last year I was unemployed and anxious. But I was tan - because we were just getting back from Hawaii!! While being laid-off and jobless in terrifying, Hawaii helps :) Here's a few photos:

Lance and I at the Grand Canyon of the Pacific - Waimea Canyon. Treacherous driving, hair pin turns and potholes the size of ... well Waimea Canyon!

Lance and I kayaked and then hiked up to this waterfall. The water was absolutely freezing and on our way back to our kayak I fell in the mud. I'm always super graceful :)

This is the view from Kileau Lighthouse on the northside of Kauai

This is the first night we were in Hawaii - it's actually a sunset in Honolulu.

Here's a family picture at the Fern Grotto. Because of the hurricanes, the magnitude of the ferns are less dense than normal.

While it's nice to be gainfully employeed, Hawaii is good. Perhaps I'll get to go there again before I'm 40 (I honestly doubt it, unless Lance and I start making loads more cash). My parents have already started talking about their next trip there. Lucky people who get to retire :)