Thursday, March 26, 2009

After using this blog site primarily just to list blogs that I like to visit, I've decided to add a post or two. My goal is to not use this as a personal, online journal as I've done with blogs in the past. I want to find a happy medium between overshare and impersonal. A few things about me:

Name: Kara
Age: Over 25 and under 30 years old
Status: Married with no children
Religious Affiliation: Christian. I love Jesus.
Location: Central Iowa
Vocation: Advertising & Marketing
Education: Currently pursuing a Masters in Communications & Leadership
What I would do with $1000: Purchase a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit and a nice camera
Believes in: Consistency, reverse cuddling, returning emails & phone calls within a two week period, thank you notes, not rushing into children and hospitality.
Listening to: Pandora radio - instrumental guitar
Eats: Adventurously. I've discovered in the past year a love for Bosc pears, hummus and leeks.